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The Navajo Traditional Teachings 
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Weekly Videos

These exclusive weekly videos are only released to Producers. They include topics like lost navajo words, lost ceremonies and stories. What the stories really mean. What was life like on the Navajo Nation? What is life like on the Navajo Nation? 

These teachings are exclusive and only given to producers as a way to say thank you for helping make the videos. 


Masterclasses are overall teachings about a particular skill set. Some of these masterclasses will include hands on demonstrations, materials lists, recipes, or detailed instructions. 

Current Masterclasses:
  • Cradleboard - Detailed instructions and material list
  • ​Fry Bread - Recipe and hands on demonstration
Coming Soon:
  • ​​​Native American Choker - Materials list and detailed instructions
  • ​Silversmith - Overview of different types and styles, how to spot fakes
  • ​Beadwork - Overview, some detailed instruction
  • ​Rug Weaving - Overview of different styles, what they mean and why. 
  • ​Sweat lodge Construction - Different styles and some detailed instruction
  • ​Hogan Model - Detailed instruction materials list and education on different types
  • ​​Herbology - Overview of different herbs and what they were used for traditionally.

Virtual Tours

Join us as we tour different location on or around Dinétah. See famous sites and not so famous sites. Learn the insider stories, not the Hollywood stories the tourists are told.

Current Virtual Tours: 
"The Northern Boundary"

Join us as we journey across the state of Utah into Colorado. Starting in the southwest corner near the "Parowan Gap" A site rich with rockart. A calendar of sorts. Discover the true history of the area. 

​Next, following the northern boundary we stop in the middle of Utah at the Fremont Museum. 

Discover the truth about what happened to the Freemont civilization... Not many people know.

​We continue to follow the book cliffs until we reach our destination in Grand Junction Colorado. 

You will understand why it is called the northern boundary. 

You will also see the inaccuracies along the way that are taught to so many people including many Diné by anthropologists who got it wrong. 
Coming Soon:
  • Monument Valley - The towering formations and natural beauty. What place does it have in traditional culture and why were so many western movies filmed here? 
  • ​Shiprock - Significant among many of our stories. The rock that looks like a wing. What happened here? Why is it significant?
  • ​Canyon De Chelly - A Strong hold, a hiding place, a peaceful place... Until Kit Carson. 
  • ​Grand Canyon - Diné stories, Diné teachings, about this wonder of the world. 
  • ​The Long Walk - From Fort Defiance to Fort Sumner. The pain, the grief. What their sacrifice means. 
  • ​Antelope Canyon - Carved out of the earth by wind and water... Breathtaking canyon views. 
  • ​And More...

UnCut Interviews

Current Uncut Interview:
Sit down with a WWII Navajo Code Talker, Sam Tso. 
Sam goes into great detail about life on the reservation in the 1920's. Sam tells his story inside the Hogan (Traditional Navajo Home). Discussing his life from the time he was a young boy sent to boarding school. 

At about 8 years old with only the clothes on his back Sam goes to boarding school and sees a White man for the first time. Sam recounts the feelings, of being homesick missing his family. Sam also touches on what his Uncle prophesied for him before he passed into the next place. 

Follow Sam as he talks about getting drafted into the United States Marine Corps. What it was like learning and using the unbreakable code with other Diné Marines. 

Sam Talks about his time on Iwo Jima. Everyone was afraid to die... Sam had a remarkable dream and as he says it the fear left him. 

Post WWII Sam rotates back into life. And learns devastating news. 

This video was filmed about 15 years ago on a tape. You will see the quality of the video is not what we are used to today. But the quality of the information exceeds much of what we see today. 
Coming Soon:
  • UnCut interview with former Navajo Nation President Peter McDonald
  • ​Navajo Herbalist discussing uses for the different herbs
  • ​And more... 
Once you become a producer you get access to the producer area. Where you will find all the exclusive content.  

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Satisfaction is guaranteed. We are confident that you will be enriched by the weekly videos, virtual tours, master classes and uncut interviews, so much so that you will gladly be part of what we are doing. But if for some reason that is not the case. We will gladly take care of you and make things right. Our 30 day money back guarantee will put you at ease. Cancel anytime easily. Just email But we are sure you will see so much value that this won’t be a problem.  
What can you do with the information you learn? 
Share it - You can speak about it, tell others what you have learned. Grab your Navajo Story Pouch and teach someone the story of how all life came to be. Put a Navajo Language Decal on your notebook, car, computer… People will want to know what it means… and you’ll tell them. 

Add to it - These teachings have sustained us for hundreds of years… They can surely help you. Take what you know… add our teachings to it. Use the teachings to increase gratitude, to increase your awareness and grow and gain in your relationship with your Deity. 

Cherish it - Take these teachings and let them be special to you. Let them mean something. Let them lift you and lift others. Let them connect you to deep rich culture. 

Some people are full blood, they long for the connection that they once felt with a grandparent who showed them the traditional ways. This is for them. I can’t tell you how many people have said they felt like they were sitting with a grandparent as they learned. 

Some people are part blood, they know a little or they never got the chance to learn. They feel the need to connect but don’t know where to start. They want to know more and for whatever reason they have not been able to. Many times it is because they had to move away from their native roots and could not connect. But now find themselves longing to know more about their culture. 

Some people have no blood, they aren’t sure but they feel an affinity towards traditional teachings. Sometimes they feel silly or uncomfortable letting others know they feel this way. Maybe they have been picked on or others have told them that they are not welcome. We understand this and we welcome all. 

Producers Get:

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  • Unlimited access to the producers area
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  • ​Masterclasses
  • ​Virtual Tours
  • ​30% off all products in the shop
  • ​First access to new products
  • ​First access to new productions
  • ​Screen credit on weekly videos
  • ​Access to production calendar
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