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A Once in a Lifetime... A Traditional Handmade Turquoise Necklace. 

For the true collector
Wally's Signature Turquoise Necklace


For your Traditional Way Turquoise Necklace 

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  • Turquoise: Genuine Turquoise, stabilized to stand the test of time
  • Handmade: Made by Navajo Artisans
  • White Shell: Beautiful Contrast
  • Coral: Path between worlds
  • Mother of Pearl: Heishi beads
  • 32 Inches: Goes with everything
  • Symbolism:  Deeply Rooted Diné culture
  • Traditional: Made in the Traditional Way
  • Write up of the traditional symbolism and meaning

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Designed in the Traditional Way 

Symbolism that runs deep 

Your chance to have a piece of real Navajo (Diné) Culture. 
Not just a beautiful piece of jewelry... This necklace comes with a story, deeply rooted tradition and symbolism... passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. 

This traditional necklace is an exact replica of the one Wally not only wears in all our videos... He wears this necklace EVERYWHERE every day! 

Given to Wally many years ago, this necklace is full of symbolism and tells the story of our Diné (Navajo). 

Since our language is not written, teachings are passed down using symbolism. 
"This necklace was a gift to me..."
From The Hogan of Wally Brown
In the traditional way... when someone became a member of the family... when they were adopted in... they were given a necklace

"Yoo bąąhneiyá"
Turquoise: A Gift From the Holy People

It's rich, blue color represents the Blue world. When we wear our turquoise, we are showing the Holy People... we know we came from their presence.  And, when we pray while wearing our Turquoise, the Holy People see and say, "There is one of our children who knows where they come from. What are they asking for? Let's give it to them". 

The White Shell 

Two shell beads between every turquoise stone represents male and female. Except for one small section with four white shells. These four shell beads are symbolic of the four worlds. The four sacred directions. The four sacred mountains. The four seasons of the year. The four stages of life. The number four is sacred and represented often in Navajo culture.

Two Loops & Two Strands 

In ceremonial settings, the concept of Male and Female is important. The hogan is divided into the male and female. 

It is said all things are either male or female. But, the Five-fingered being is both... male and female. The gentle side and the masculine side.  From jagged male rocks to smooth female rocks. Gentle female rain to violent male thunderstorm. To our Diné, all things are male or female. The two strands and two loops symbolize this. 

Red Coral

The bridge to the next place... the Fourth world. The Glittering World or the White World. The journey all must take eventually... is done on the rainbow. The top color of the rainbow is red. This is the path to the next world... this is the bridge the Holy People use to go between worlds. This is the symbolism of the red coral beads. 

Reconstructed With Attention to Detail

Real Turquoise

Durable, Beautiful, Certified

Traditionally Made

Symbolism and authenticity... know the real meaning of this beautiful piece. 


The highest quality and a human touch


Goes with anything. For men and women. 

Why is it so inexpensive?


When we can buy bulk turquoise and other stones, we are given a discount.  We then pass these supplies to the artists.

When the artists know the design and quantity... they are able to streamline their work.

Using this method, we have been able to significantly lower the cost for you.

The Life of Navajo Artists

Navajo artists spend their lifetime learning and honing their skill. For many, it is their full-time work.  Usually, the week is spent making their jewelry and then taking it to market. This can be flea markets, swap meets or roadside stands. 

Often, the pieces they make don't sell and they end up with large amounts of inventory. The piece may sell eventually... or the artist is forced to practically give the art away to keep their stock fresh. 

When we are able to give the artist the exact order and they know the piece has already sold, they don't have to guess. They can make the piece knowing it is already a success. 

The beautiful thing is... the artist is able to make more this way.

A Rare Find

If you were to buy this piece or one like it (hint: you won't find it)... you would spend anywhere from $1,200 to $3,800.

But, you wouldn't know where the turquoise came from. Or if it was even real. Which artist poured their heart into it. The artist's story. Or whether it was made in the traditional way.

That is why this beautiful necklace "The Traditional Way" is such a rare find.  And, you already know it is full of deep-rooted symbolism, and the traditional teachings.  

For Everyone

Not only are we able to cut the cost significantly, while still getting more to the artist. To see that everyone has the chance to have such a beautiful piece...  We have added the option of AfterPay. This allows interest-free payments so nobody has to miss out. 

"Something like this comes along once in a lifetime."

- Ray & LoriAnn Garner Executive Warrior Producers

The Traditional Way

For the True Collector

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