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Navajo Traditional Teachings 

Warrior Producer

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I want to be a producer/warrior and help make videos for the world. And get exclusive access to content that can't be found anywhere else. 
Executive or Regular Producer... Get access to exclusive videos, masterclasses, tours, UnCut interview, Discounts, First access to new products...
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From The Hogan of Wally Brown
"I encourage everyone to learn, to seek out information and build a relationship with deity... With your creator. Welcome and thank you for being a part of what we are doing here. Ahéhee'"
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Weekly Videos
Never Miss
  • Lost Navajo Words
  • ​Lost Ceremonies
  • ​Changing Culture
  • ​Hero Twins
  • ​Changing Woman
  • ​Coyote
  • ​And more
  • Cradleboard
  • ​Choker
  • ​Silversmithing
  • ​Rug Weaving
  • ​Hogan Construction
  • ​Sweat Lodge 
  • ​Herbs

Constant Learning

Learn skills and techniques. These Masterclasses will document and show producers how some of their favorite Native American art is made. 
Sit down with experts in their craft as they tell you about what they do and why they do it. 
You get a window to traditional way of life. 
uncut interviews

Really Dive In

For people who love to sit and listen. These interviews are authentic and as if you were a fly on the wall. Some were done years ago inside the Hogan. As we add more, there is no telling the location. 
  • Navajo Code Talker Sam Tso
  • ​Former Navajo Nation President Peter McDonald
  • ​Herbalist
tours of Navajo Land
  • Northern Boundary
  • ​Monument Valley
  • ​Chaco Canyon
  • ​Shiprock
  • ​The Long Walk
  • ​Four Corners
  • ​Window Rock

Ride Shotgun With Us

As we travel across Navajo Land you get a front row seat. Learning the traditional stories about popular and less known sites. No Hollywood stuff. Real teachings that have sustained our people for thousands of years. 

***Executive producers get to be part of the planning session. Via calendar and email chain. 
This is your Key.
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